Tunxis Trail Ultramarathon

Tunxis Ultra is part of the Blue Blazed Trail Running Series.

Registration for the 2021 Tunxis Trail Ultramarathon will open April 15, 2021. The race will be Sunday, September 12th, and offers 30k (18.5 mile) and 60k (37 mile) distances.

The course consists of lovely double track, single track, half track, off track, a little bit of road and maybe some prickers, if we don’t get to brush hogging some bits of the trail. This course takes you to all of the “world famous” landmarks of Burlington trails: Sessions Woods, the Great Wall, Mile of Ledges, Tory Den, Johnnycake Mountain, the CT State Trout Hatchery, Perry’s Lookout, Nassahegan State Forest, and Devil’s Kitchen.

Key Facts

Where is this race?

The race itself ranges all over the hills of Burlington, CT. The race start/finish is at the Nassahegan Recreational Complex, 275 Punch Brook Rd, Burlington, CT. The 30K and 60K course map (subject to revision until August 31st) is available for download. The course is 30K. The 60K does a second lap, but in reverse. tunxis_course_map_2021

What are the course limits?

The time limits will be 6 hours for the first 30k, and 12 hours for the total 60k race. If you, as a 60k runner, miss the 6 hour cutoff, you will get credit as finishing the 30K race, but we won’t let you back out to do the final loop.

How will the course be marked?

The course markings will be minimal, with directional signs at trail changes and at a few confusing points. Runners will be expected to pay close attention to trail markings.

Where are the aid stations?

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we are still determining what kind of aid stations (and how many) we will be able to provide.

Where are the cups?

This is a cupless race. Please bring your own hydration gear! We are trying to minimize the impact of the race on the forest and community, and the easiest way to do that is to not leave cups lying around.


The race village is at 275 Punch Brook Rd, Burlington, CT 06013.

Online Registration Closes:11:59 PM, September 5th
Day before check-in:5-9 PM, September 6th at the race start, 275 Punch Brook Rd, Burlington, CT 06013.
60K Race Start:6:00 am 
30K Race Start:7:00 am
Lunch Served:11:00 am – 2 pm
60K Lap 2 Cutoff:Noon
Race Cutoff:6 pm

The schedule is subject to change up to 4 weeks before race day. There will be no race day registrations.

Leave No Trace

This race is intended to have a minimal impact on the trails and community. Towards this end, we have instituted a couple of policies:

No Cups: This is a cupless race. There will be no disposable cups available. You must bring your own containers to drink from, either a collapsible cup, reusable water bottle, or hydration pack.

No Littering: Littering is, of course, not allowed on the course. Runners who are caught littering and not remediating it will be given a Did Not Finish immediately.

No Trespassing: Some parts of this course are held on private land. Please stick to the designated trails at all times. Course marshals will have the discretion to give a Did Not Finish to runners who leave the course without a justifiable reason. Runners who leave the race course must re-enter the course where they left.


Please register at ultrasignup.com.