Preview #1

We will be holding a preview run with the CT Trailmixers on April 8th, at 7 am of Loop 1. This advanced 18-mile run will bring us to pretty much every hiking landmark in Burlington, including Sessions Woods, the Mile of Ledges, Tory Den, Perry’s Lookout, Devils Kitchen, the State Trout Hatchery, and Nassahegan Forest. Plan to be on the trails for 4-5 hours, and bring appropriate hydration and nutrition. Note that there may still be snow on the ground. This is a very technical trail, so we will be taking it slow and won’t be dropping anyone. The loop starts and ends at Sessions Woods in Burlington, and may or may not involve lunch afterwords.

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  1. Miwako says:

    Do you have a course map for the 18 mile fun run? I know all the hikes separately but would love to see how you link them. Thanks


    1. jpmccusker says:

      The courses are listed on the main page, and are available through Strava:

      Essentially, Loop 1 is:

      1. Start at the Sessions Woods Pavillion behind the main building.
      2. South on Beaver Pond Trail
      3. Left to Black Dot Tunxis via the campground
      4. Left to Yellow Dot Tunxis
      5. Right to Mainline Tunxis (plain blue blaze)
      6. Right to White Dot Tunxis
      7. Right to Yellow Dot Tunxis
      8. Left to Purple Dot Tunxis
      9. Left to Red Dot Tunxis
      10. At the top of Perry’s Lookuout, left onto plain blue blaze
      11. Right to Red Dot Tunxis
      12. Left to Purple Dot Tunxis
      13. Left to Yellow Dot Tunxis
      14. Left to Orange Dot Tunxis
      15. Left to Yellow Dot Tunxis
      16. Left to cut-through trail to behind Sessions Woods Main Building

      Loop 2 is the mostly the same, but in reverse and with a short-cut:

      1. Loop around Forest Meadow Trail, head back to Yellow Dot Tunxis via cut-through.
      2. Right on Orange Dot Tunxis.
      3. Left on Yellow Dot Tunxis.
      4. Right on Green Dot Tunxis
      5. Left on White Dot Tunxis
      6. Left on Mainline (plain blue blaze) Tunxis
      7. Left on Yellow Dot Tunxis
      8. Right on Black Dot Tunxis
      9. Left across the bridge to the campsite
      10. Right on Beaver Pond Trail
      11. Finish at the Sessions Woods pavilion behind the main building.

      Thanks for asking!


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