Volunteer Instructions

This is the complete guide to volunteering for the Tunxis Trail Ultramarathon. Thank you for helping with this race. Volunteers are the lifeblood of any nonprofit race, and the Burlington Land Trust thanks you for helping us.

Contact Information

Race Director: Jim McCusker 860-995-0490 mccusker@gmail.com

Race Details

The Tunxis Trail Ultramarathon starts and ends at the race village at Nassahegan Recreational Complex. It has 7 aid stations (including the race village), two of which have portable restrooms. See the course guide for details.

The 30K/60K race course is 18.7 miles long. 30K runners will do one lap, and 60K runners will do a second lap in the opposite direction. Runners have 12 hours to complete the 60K, and cannot start their second lap if they don’t start before 12 pm (6 hours into the race). Race leaders will finish the first 30K by 9 am, and the winner will probably be done by noon. The 30K race leaders will probably finish by 10 am.

The 8K race course is 5 miles long. All runners will do one lap, which overlaps with the 30K/60K course for most of its length. The 8K course has its own aid station: Cornwall, which is off the end of Cornwall Road.

Start Times

  • 60K race: 6 am
  • 30K race: 7 am
  • 8K race: 8 am

Aid Station Scheduling

Because of the size of the course and the time it takes runners to reach various aid stations, we have staged the opening and closing of aid stations and road crossings. The closure of aid stations is based on when the cutoff pace for running a 12 hour race reaches that aid station. The opening times are based on when the lead runners are likely to arrive at an aid station or road crossing.


All assigned roles and times for volunteers have locations associated with them. Please check your location assignment in SignupGenius, as it has a link to the GPS coordinates that can link through to Google Maps so you can get directions. Some of these locations are a bit off the road, but all but three aid stations are right next to the road. The link in SignupGenius will give you exact coordinates for the aid stations, and for course marshal positions.

Cutting off a Runner

Most runners know when they can’t finish in time. If they feel they won’t be able to finish the second lap in time, they will generally call it quits at 30K. However, if a runner starts the second lap, they can be cut off at any aid station that is past its closing time. This is to prevent the accumulation of delay.

Self-Extracting Runners

Sometimes, runners can’t finish their race, and will need to be extracted from the aid station or road crossing. They may be injured, you may have had to cut them off from completing the course, or they may simply have had enough. Contact the Race Director at 860-995-0490 for an extraction. Include name and bib number, as well as which aid station you are working.

Rescuing Runners

If a runner is down on the course and cannot be moved, other runners have been instructed to proceed to the nearest aid station or road crossing and report the injured runner’s name, bib number, and approximate mileage along the course. Immediately call 911 to notify search and rescue with that information. They will arrive at your location and proceed into the trail to find and extract the runner. Call the Race Director at 860-995-0490 as soon as you can (but do not hang up on 911 if they ask you not to) to notify us of the situation.

Aid Stations

Runners count on aid stations to provide them with food, water, and shelter for a minute or two during their race, and for first aid and extraction when things go wrong. The race itself counts on aid stations to track the progress of runners through the course, and make sure no one has gotten lost or injured.

If you are the first volunteer at the aid station, you will need to set up the easy-up tent (if your site has one), set up table and food.

You have a checklist of runners in the race. Check off runners as they arrive, marking their arrival time, so we know who is where. When convenient, text images of this checklist to 860-995-0490 so the race village can track progress too.

When not busy with runners, re-stock food and water at aid station as needed.

Provide first aid when needed to the best of your ability and as runners desire it. Sometimes they come in with bloody knees and don’t want any treatment. This is normal behavior for trail runners. If you have no first aid training, provide the first aid kit for their use. Note down what has been used from the kit so we can re-stock as needed.

When possible, help runners fill hydration gear. If it’s busy, they will understand, but if they’re the only ones there, they will appreciate any help.

Finally, cheer for runners and help them be awesome.

Course Marshals

Course marshals keep an eye on things, provide deep course monitoring to make sure there aren’t any problems, and generally remind runners that they’re not out there alone in the wilderness. The main tasks are:

  • Make sure people stay on trails, especially during technical sections
  • Make sure people are following race rules (no littering, stay on trail, etc.)
  • Take race pictures.

Road Crossing Guard

At all intersections, traffic has the right of way over the racers. You must always wear a high-visibility vest while performing your duties. The two crossings of Route 69 will be managed by police, but you will handle the less busy crossings. The main tasks are:

  • Stop runners until traffic clears
  • Keep an eye on traffic conditions
  • Do not stop traffic, runners must wait until guard gives all clear to cross.

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